10 Reasons Singles Would Use A Dating Coach

date-coaching-frontLet’s face it Dating in this century is not easy , it’s like trying to discover the holy grail sometimes. I have had singles tell me it’s like they are standing at the train tracks and they keep missing their connection. Truthfully there are a plethora of reasons that singles might use a dating coach but I have summarized it to the top 10:

1. PRIVACY: Let’s face it, no one wants to admit they don’t have all the answers. Keep in mind there is no shame in it, we all need a little help once in awhile.

2. PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: Every one is good at something and no one is good at everything. Dating coaches live, breath and sleep dating (sad but true). They are experts in helping singles, just like you.

3. UNBIASED ADVICE: They are professionals who help guide singles with their issues every day.They are not your friends! Enough said!

4. THEY LISTEN: Their job is to listen, advise and guide before and or after that first date.

5. THEY ARE HONEST: They won’t lie to you just to make you feel good. They will give you honest helpful advice, it is still up to you to use it though. 🙂

6. IT’S NOT PERSONAL: Most people will trust a Professionals advice before friends or family, they have no ulterior motive but to help you.

7. THEY UNDERSTAND DATING IN 2015: A lot of singles especially those re-entering the dating world can feel like they were left behind in another world or time.

8. THEY UNDERSTAND THE OPPOSITE SEX: In order to help you date the opposite sex, you have to understand how they are hard wired first.

9. THEY WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED: Let’s face it most dating coaches know their reputation is everything, they succeed when you succeed.

10. THEIR GUIDANCE IS INVALUABLE: Be honest, if you had someone that could help you understand the opposite sex, dating and how to get that second date etc, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of them?

Best of luck and if I can help call me at 778-927-1204.


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