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12 Ways to meet more people (face to face)

2. While outside, get into the habit of talking to people. Yes, face to face.
3. If you are scared to talk to new people, start by taking baby steps. When you are walking down the street start by saying hi to people you pass, with no expectations.
4. Join groups not just that you are interested in but groups that the opposite sex would also be interested in, particularly the type you are looking for.
5. Be more open minded, don’t judge someone before you even talk to them. Bad choice of shoes doesn’t make a bad person.
6. Try doing something different, maybe even out of your comfort zone, if you are always going to the same places the odds are you won’t meet new people.
7. Don’t put ridiculous expectations on people, you will always be disappointed. It’s just a conversation, then see if you like their company, one day at a time. Stop trying to rush past everything.
8. Stop looking for reasons not to date someone look for their positives and you will find them, whatever you focus on, you will find.
9. Try dating out of your TYPE, if your TYPE is not working maybe they aren’t the right TYPE for you! Instant sexual chemistry is not a guarantee of a good lasting relationship.
10. Leave your past baggage behind, no one wants to hear about it or be painted with the same brush.
11. Look up from your phone while in a queue or at the coffee shop make eye contact and smile at the people around you, someone may be waiting for you to look up right now.
12. Get over yourself, you are not going to be a match for everyone but you will be for someone. Throw your mile long LIST away. You should have only 5 real top needs in a partner and 1 or 2 deal breakers.

Bottom line: Get out more, Practice Staying off your phone longer and longer every day and making more and more effort to talk to people around you. Get back to the art of Socializing face to face. Be more open minded and Keep in mind you don’t always know if he or she is “the one” immediately, sometimes those are the ones that surprise you. In the whole scheme of things you want someone that you really like spending time with, even out of bed. Physical Chemistry is not a guarantee of compatibility but friendship is a great start and stop rushing everything. Good relationships take time to grow. Be good to yourself and any potential partner.
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