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  • why is socializing in vancouver so hard

    12 Dating Tips For Men.

    Men always tell me they have no idea what women want. Listen up MEN these are the top 12 dating do’s Women like you to initiate contact with them, then ask for the date. At the very least by phone, never text or email for …

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    The Benefits Of ‘Playtime’ For You And Your Partner

    Playtime is a staple in children’s lives, but not many adults… When was the last time you played? I mean really played. Outdoors, wind in your hair, laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Were you with a friend or was it with your partner? …

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  • June 2011 012

    Notes to Moms, With Love!

    Relationships with our Mother’s can be wonderful and challenging as well, as any relationship.  I took a poll and asked  a varied group of men and women, If you could say anything to your mother,  without fear of repercussion, what would it be? The answers …

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