Unrealistic expectations dating, matchmaking can help

How to know if you are ready for a relationship?

1. The first step is very simply. Just like the statement Happiness is a choice! So is a relationship, deciding you want a relationship is the very first step.

2. Look at yourself in the mirror; do you honestly believe you are putting your best foot forward? If not what are going to do about it? Trust me if you can see it, he or she will too.

3. Are you free from old baggage? Have you gotten over past relationships? If not deal with this first. Mourn, rant, rave and take time out, whatever it takes for you to be happy with the opposite sex again.

4. Do you know the top 10 things you need in a relationship to make you happy? Your deal breakers? They should be realistic and minimal.

5. Do you honestly believe if you found the right person tomorrow would you be ready to move forward even if it was slowly?

6. Have you made time and are you willing to make time for someone special?

7. Do you realize that no one is perfect, not even yourself?

8. Do you understand that any relationship you have in your life you will have to work at and so will your partner? Are you will to do your part?

9. Do you understand, no one is happy in their relationship all the time and no will agree with everything you think or say all the time? Can you respect that?

10. Are you socializing with people, in person? Tell your friends you are open to meeting someone.

11. Are you happy on your own but are looking to share your happy life with a person in the same emotional place?

12. Are you takes steps to meet new people, getting any help? Using online, a professional Matchmaker?

13. Are you thinking outside your usual comfort zone? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Trying something or someone new and giving yourself a bigger playing field is always beneficial.

14. On your first date are you looking to see if you enjoy each other’s company versus the old “are they hot”?

15. Are you committed to being committed if you find that special someone?
Best of luck and call me if you need any help!


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