In Praise of Women Your Own Age

2Have you seen this article in Huffington Post called My ‘Naked’ Truth. Robin Korth wrote about a horrible experience she had with a 55 year old man named Dave she had met on the internet. Although he really liked her and enjoyed her company he said he had dated a lot of younger woman with smooth skin and now he couldn’t get turned on by her aging body so could she hide it for him in the bedroom. She was  a size 6, 5’6″ fit and trim. I have to applaud how she handled it with dignity and didn’t allow it to change how she felt about herself.

I can only imagine what a man would have reacted if she had been so rude. As a Professional Matchmaker I hear this attack on women over 40 all the time.  I would like to show both sides of this table. PS> It has long been noted by society and Matchmakers that most men think they are better and younger looking than they really are and most women are better and younger looking than they think they are!

We have become so obsessed with media’s version of physical perfection that the real value of a good woman has been totally lost. If beauty was all you needed why are so many of today’s beautiful young celebrities not happy no matter who they are dating or married to? In Vancouver there are so many single beautiful, intelligent, accomplished woman in the 40’s, 50’s, and yes 60’s and so many men their own age are totally missing out without looking at the whole package.

MEN If you are honestly looking for a LASTING RELATIONSHIP a woman CLOSER TO YOUR OWN AGE (within 10 years) is a much better match for so many reasons, here are a few:

– Let’s be honest! Men’s testosterone level drops after 40 some by 35. This has nothing to do with your partner, its pure biology! That’s why the little blue pill has been making pharmaceutical companies rich for years, by all those men not taking it. 🙂 She will be supportive, understanding, creative and helpful. The younger woman rarely has patience, she will most likely throw a fit and go elsewhere for sex when you are not looking.
– She is from your generation and actually understands how amazing Motown, Queen and the Beatles were. The younger woman thinks you are an old stick in the mud even if she doesn’t admit it to your face.

– She will appreciate the importance of your children and work to have a relationship with them, your children lose respect for you when you date someone their age.

– She will be by your side playing with your grandchildren happily, the younger woman will want babies of her own. You will be 70 plus when your new babies are starting to graduate.

– No matter how much you exercise, gravity is a bitch, even for men. Please don’t make me draw you a picture, let’s just say its below the belt. 🙂 The woman your own age understands aging is inevitable, it happens to everyone and she will love you anyways. A younger woman will be creative in finding ways not to have sex with you, she wants to be attracted to her partner too.

– She has learned that relationships are a two way street and it takes effort and commitment to make one work, the younger woman wants what she wants. (They don’t call it the Me Generation for nothing!)

– She has learned that drama is not worth her time, a younger woman loves it, creates and thrives in it.

– She won’t buy into your bullshit, she has learned it’s better to call you on it. A younger woman know how to play you and badmouths you behind your back.

– A woman your age that is fit, attractive and confident shows her staying power (she is her own example) you have no idea how fast the wheels will fall off the younger woman. Young and attractive now does not guarantee she will stay that way.

– She will be getting ready to retire as well, looking to downsize and travel with you while a young woman is just starting out, she will be wanting to set up house, have babies and you will be working overtime for a very long time just trying to keep up.

– In 10 years, when you wobble on the stairs she will hold your hand and be your best support system. The younger women is more likely to push you down the stairs because by then she will be tired of you and be looking to cash in your life insurance policy.

– And finally even the younger woman will age eventually, but NOT AS FAST AS YOU WILL!

All kidding aside men don’t you want someone that will be there for you through the autumn of your life, not run out on you just as you show signs of weakness? Honestly all women want to be attracted to their partners too and the younger women will only be with you if you have money or power. Have you ever seen a hot young woman dating an aging cab driver? I think not! The younger woman will be gone within 10 years and so will your money, house etc and you will be in your 60, 70’s starting all over when you should be enjoying your retirement. That’s why younger women call it The 10 Year Plan, they know it’s not forever! The woman your own age will be there for you to support you, walk with you, share experiences, good and bad even when your hand is not so steady and they will actually cry tears if you pass first. Hey, it’s your choice!

PS: Not all younger woman are like this just the ones that would date an older man are. Professional young women with their own careers and money are not interested in dating older men or as they call them “their daddies”.
PPSS> Not all men are like this just the ones that think they are so much better than women their own age.

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