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It’s just my opinion…..

How many people do you  know that are opinionated?  Well we all are, it’s just whether or not we choose to battle over our opinions. I have many opinions, as you know, I write a blog about dating and relating, but those are just that, my opinions. My opinions are based on what I know, through experience, life lessons, good and bad. Not to be confused with your opinions. While we may agree on some things we most often will differ in some. Who’s wrong and who’s right? Neither of us. They are just our opinions and the tough part is respecting that we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Speaking from my own point of view, I am definitely a lover not a fighter and I will just as soon walk away from a confrontation or stop talking than fight to prove I’m right. Why, because I don’t need to be right, I just need to be able to live with myself.  That does not mean I give up on my opinions or you are right, it just means I value our relationship more than fighting with you. Or I don’t care that much about the subject.  My conscience is tougher on me than anyone I know and no one can second guess me more than myself. But when I have an opinion that I feel strongly about I will express it, it does not mean you have to accept it. After all it’s just my opinion, I understand it may not be yours. Drama and confrontation is not my scene. Some people thrive on it. It’s almost like they don’t feel alive unless they are fighting for their thoughts and opinions.  Life is too short for that, in my opinion. 🙂

As Aretha Franklin so rightly belted out,  R E S P E C T.  All good relationships must have it in order to survive.  RESPECT for ourselves, others and especially our loved ones. RESPECT is not to be confused with OBEDIENCE. Some people are so concerned about being right or winning their argument that they lose sight of the big picture. We are not wrong or right because we agree or disagree with your opinions and vice versa. They are our own opinions and we are all entitled to them. As long as they don’t hurt anyone. Again obedience is not respect and when people become complacent and agree blindly to their partners just to keep the peace, they often become bored and disrespect takes over. Again not my idea of a loving respectful relationship.

Especially in a loving relationship we have to sometimes “agree to disagree”. Most of the time our discussions,  disagreements are nothing that will matter in a year’s time, so what are we stressing each other out for? Why not pick our battles and choose to be happy and grateful that we live in a world that we are all free to express our opinions. Some places in the world people are not, especially women and children for fear of persecution.  Our loving relationships should be a safe zone. We should be able to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions without fear of being emotionally or verbally attacked or ridiculed.   I for one strive for that, maybe that’s why I live alone, at the moment.  🙂 You don’t have to agree with everything I say, they are just opinions.  If we have different core values then that’s a whole different issue and blog post.

This is just my opinion and you can agree or disagree, it doesn’t really matter to me. I know what works for me, I know what works for people that have had long loving relationships because I have studied them.  The overwhelming thing they all have is RESPECT for each other and their OPINIONS even if they aren’t theirs.

As always, strive to be happy and grateful. I hope reading my blog gives you some food for thought.

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