Match-Works Poll – Social media and your personal relationships

10690101_10153066155063035_139975343797972578_nOver the years I have written many posts on social media and how I think they can affect your personal relationships particularly new ones. I actually have a rule for my clients, when they are getting to know each other, no texting. Why? Because it is my belief even with someone you know personally there are often misunderstandings. Without that personal connection, or knowledge of their personality, sense of humor, past, etc. there are bound to be misunderstandings. Not to mention your virtual creation of them in your mind, which is not often inaccurate. My suggestion is if you talk on the phone at the very least, you have the opportunity of hearing their tone of voice. It’s never as good as being in front of someone face to face but better than social media. By thoughts are Social media can be a good place to start but get face to face as soon as possible and try to talk on the phone versus texting. Texting should be for simple little things like, “sorry, what is that address again” or “I’m here”.

As a matchmaker and dating coach I’m very interested in finding out your thoughts on social media and how or if you think it affects your relationships. I would love your input to these quick questions. I will post the results of the poll on Facebook on Match-Works Matchmaking after a week. Many thanks for your participation. https://www.facebook.com/MatchWorksMatchmaking

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