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My recommendation for a great place for Dates. Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C.

People are always asking me “where is a great place for a date”. First date, second, 30th etc?
I often tell them to look at Stanley Park. Vancouver is fortunate to have the best intercity park around and I have been to NYC and Central park.

Stanley park offers locals and travelers over 1000 acres of natural beauty coastline hugging the heart of the city of Vancouver. It boasts a picturesque seawall to cyclists on a bicycle built for two, couples strolling hand in hand, a romantic ride in a horse drawn carriage or a moonlit drive through the park. Even first daters find grabbing the proverbial cup of coffee and going for a walk getting to know each other a great alternative. Stagnant coffee dates often become like a job interview and no one is comfortable with those. A stroll through Stanley Park with its breathtaking and ever-changing scenery gives you optimum opportunities to share some natural beauty, fresh air and relax and be yourself. Hopefully allowing you a better chance to share a few memorable moments opening the door to a second date.

Stanley Park is also full of various types of restaurants along the seawall, besides the coffee shop, ice cream and fish and chip shops, The Cactus Club to the more upscale Tea House and many more. Just keep in mind the upscale restaurants will need you to book ahead, the others you can just drop in when the need presents itself. It can be part of your stroll or the main part of your date depending on which date you are on. I always say start small with a stroll and then try the better more expensive places as you get to know each other and like each other. It also gives you an opportunity to date within your means. A great date does not have to cost a fortune. There is something for every budget at any date or age.

Stanley Park is also home to the Vancouver Aquarium, a pitch and putt course and many different beaches. How about packing a picnic lunch or dinner, pick a beach along the seawall and watch the sunset together. I think you get my point. You can find a multitude of different activities and fun date ideas if you start thinking about Stanley Park and get a bit creative. Happy dating!


PS. If you don’t happen to be lucky enough to live In Vancouver BC maybe you should come visit!

  1. JoelJoel08-05-2016

    Stanley Park is a beautiful park, and I remember visiting it on my first time in Vancouver. It was actually also the first time I saw a squirrel, I think and still have the photos around somewhere. It is places like this that are the reason of my four overseas trips I have visited Vancouver as part of three of them.

    • Sheree MorganSheree Morgan08-05-2016

      I love travelling and I have never seen a more beautiful park, in any city. WE get so many tourists and their main attraction is the Park. It’s our crowning glory!

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