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Need versus Want.

Most single people nowadays have gotten confused between what they NEED to find a suitable partner and what they WANT. As you may know I am a matchmaker and a dating coach so I know of what I speak, first hand. Trust me when I say it will mean the difference between finding a great partner and spending an eternity looking for the impossible, or the elusive Unicorn.

I realize a lot of people have taken courses or worked with life coaches teaching them to create “wish list’ stating “whatever you imagine you can create”. Unfortunately I have to burst that bubble. You are doing yourself a great disservice with this mindset at least in the dating and relating world. Your “needs list” should be no more than 5-10 things max. The rest are “wants”. I can’t tell you the amount of people that have come to me with lists that are longer than Santa’s in December stating “I’m not going to settle for less”.

Online dating, social media and this mindset have given people the false impression there is a plethora of choice when in actual fact there is a very small pool of possible matches. And often the problem is your mile long “wish list”. No one is perfect, not even you, or me and chances are if there is a person with all your expectations you won’t be what they are looking for. Yes, they have their own “wish list”. Hence why such an amazing person like you is still single. Too many people’s expectations are unrealistic!

Honestly height (over 6′), hair or eye color, super fit and super attractive, or a millionaire will not make you happy. At least not for long. 🙂 But someone who is respectful, has good communication skills, is honest and trustworthy, has a good sense of humor and positive attitude, is passionate and loving will give you a fighting chance. Remember you need to be these things too.

Just honestly think about what I am saying, the best and longest relationships are built on these traits. Forget the mindset “I know what I want and I’m not settling”. As you know just because you want it does not mean you will get it. Life just doesn’t happen that way. If it did I would be super attractive, could eat whatever I want without gaining weight, with an unlimited bank account and always be on holiday with an adoring perfect partner. 🙂

You can be single for ever and a day or adapt your list. Why not give yourself the biggest playing field, It’s your choice. And if you need a little help with that list, call me. I can help 778-927-1204


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