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Notes to Moms, With Love!

june 2011 012Relationships with our Mother’s can be wonderful and challenging as well, as any relationship.  I took a poll and asked  a varied group of men and women, If you could say anything to your mother,  without fear of repercussion, what would it be? The answers were beautiful, sometimes painful and truly amazing! Feel free to share with those you love.

“Thank you for everything you have ever done for me, I love you!”

“You’re crazy but I love you!”

“You have been an inspiration to our family!”

“Take care of yourself and I hope to see you soon.”

“Thank you and stop driving me crazy!”

“Be nice to Dad!”

I would tell her “I love you” more often. (her mother had passed)

“Thank you for the sacrifices.” (now that she is a mother)

“I love you unconditionally and you are the best mom in the world!”

“All I ever wanted was your love.” Tearfully.

“You are the best and quirkiest mom in the world!”

“I love you,” one more time, I share everything with her all the time.

“Thanks for giving up your retirement fund for my passions and adventures.”

“You should have moved earlier, stop hanging onto the past.” (mom is in her 80’s)

“Keep your head up and keep moving forward!”

“I love you and thank you!

“I love you so much!  The thought of losing you is too much to bear.” (mother had been sick)

“I love you Mother”, Isn’t that what you should always tell her?

Now that I am a mother myself,  a huge “Thank You, I now understand!”

“I wish you lived closer!”

“Thank you for everything!”

“I love you and wish you were still here!”

“I forgive you, let’s talk.”

“Mom you have been very supportive and you are great!”

“You are the best mom in the world!”

“Your children miss and need you.”

“I love you and that’s all that matters.”

“Thanks for always putting us first!”

“How did you do it?”

“Thanks for bringing me into this world!”

“Let’s go for lunch or do our nails.”

“Your current situation is not my fault.” “You can’t change the rules of our relationship now that you need me.”(summarized)

“Let’s try to have more meaningful conversations.”

Very simple, “I love you very much!”

“Thanks very much, you are my rock and the most beautiful role model in the whole world.”

“I miss you!”

“I love you MOM!” (even if you are having a fight you never know how many more times you have to tell her)

“I’m sorry!”

“I’m coming for dinner!”

And the clincher:

“Who… can raise 7 children, without a partner, …nourish each with delicious food on low income, …put her needs to the side in order to keep her children alive well and healthy, …stay strong in her faith despite the life altering trials that God threw at her, …showed love to those who were without – even if they were not her own children, …still gave to those less fortunate and donated even when it was her last penny, … taught her children to value what they have even if it was not what every one else had or was the most current, …installed the value and wealth of family despite the different personality with each child, …made sacrifices beyond measure without acknowledgment or credit from her piers or family, … went back to school to receive training that was left too long from a young age, … made the best homemade soup that brought neighborhood children to knock at the door, … suffered ridicule and criticism when gratitude and praise was due…made sacrifices beyond measure…worked tirelessly in order to hold up her children? Who is this person? Who is she? A Superhero? Super Woman? YES! …She’s my mother.”

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Happy Mother’s day to every Mother from every child. Love Always!











































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