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Valentine’s Day Tips

My thought process is we should spend Valentine’s Day with people we love. I don’t believe singles should run out desperately trying to find a date. It puts too much pressure on both parties and quite frankly I would rather spend that time with someone I know and care about and they care about me. Who says we can’t spend it with a dear friend or family member?  I wouldn’t recommend going out to a romantic restaurant though. Who wants to sit near sappy romantic couples when you are single, not me thanks. Do something fun or stay home with your friends, have a Galentines party and gab about the opposite sex. Don’t forget the chocolate and red wine, it’s medicinal.

If you’re spending it with a loved one:

  • it absolutely must be romantic, whatever that means for your relationship 
  • if you want to go to a fancy restaurant if you don’t have reservations by now, you probably won’t get them, plan it for next week instead but make sure your partner knows about these plans on Valentine’s day 
  • staying home and cooking a meal together can be one of the most romantic evenings just make sure one of you knows how to cook, at least the basics, keep it simple, finger foods are fabulous.  Get grandparents to take your children elsewhere and safety first make sure those candles are blown out before you head off to other activities 🙂
  • don’t drink too much or it will impact your other activities, if you know what I mean
  • each couple has a different lifestyle so if you have a favourite activity elsewhere you love to share, go for it, it’s your day to be together
  • you do not need to spend a ton of money just make sure you put some thought into what they would really like (male or female)


  • I always think if anyone should be buying the lingerie it should be the woman, after all who is it really for? Rarely does the man know her exact size, what flatters her and god help you if  you buy it too small or too big 
  • Roses are nice but are they her favourite flowers, really? There is a plethora of other options and more readily available, an Orchid plant lasts for months,  plan ahead either way  
  • for men make sure it is something you know they will like. PS:  they like sports, sex and cars (not necessarily in that order) so start from there  
  • Women love jewelry even if it is a simple pair of silver hoops or bracelet 
  • if you are going to buy perfume make sure you know what she likes 
  • again don’t forget the chocolate (know which kind she/he likes)  
  • make sure you attach a card that fits your relationship and feelings, women are emotional creatures and believe it or not men want to hear it so keep the funny cards for another time this is a day to be romantic
  • spa treatments are always wonderful and much appreciated for tired moms and wives or hubbies
  • here’s a novel idea, how about cleaning the house, doing the laundry, dishes or vacuuming? Nothing sexier than a man doing housework without being asked….  
  • car wash and detailing tokens for men are great options, again spend more time and thought process into the gift than money 
  • the gift should fit the length of the relationship if you have been married or together for a long time here is an opportunity to remind her or him how much you treasure them 
  • If it’s a brand new relationship keep it simple, Coffee cards, movies  or event tickets are great options, it shows interest in wanting to spend more time together  
  • above all else take time to pay attention to each other, no cell phones or texting period 


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