What can the tragic death of Robin Williams teach us?

Everywhere you go on social media and in person everyone is shocked and saddened at the loss of Robin Williams yesterday. I was so fortunate to meet and work with him and his uncanny spontaneous sense of humor, uncommon kindness, down to earth demeanor and incredible work ethic. As well a a multifaceted actor he was incredible human being with the gift of making people laugh, how amazing is that? Listening to everyone on social media today you can’t help but notice how many lives he affected and how much laughter he brought to everyone all over the world. It breaks my heart to think that he didn’t know HOW MUCH HE WAS LOVED AND APPRECIATED!

Every one of us deserves to know that we are loved and that we matter! You don’t need to be struggling with an addiction or depression to know how bad that feeling of isolation can feel, I guarantee that most of us have felt that feeling at least once in our lives, some more than others. If you do nothing else today, in honor of Robin pick up the phone and tell the people that you love how much they mean to you. You have no idea how much it may mean to someone who may be struggling and often the person you think is the strongest is the one that really needs it!

What if someone you know is struggling today or tomorrow, would you say anything to them? What if you were able to offer them some hope just by taking the time out to listen, really listen to understand them? What if you didn’t bother for whatever excuses you have and they weren’t there tomorrow? Would it matter then? Unless you have walked a mile in their shoes you may never know what pain someone else may be in.

Sending love to all my dear friends and family, NEVER FORGET, I LOVE YOU ALL AND YOU MATTER SO MUCH TO ME, !!!! Please in honor of Robin and anyone else that feels or has felt that there is no other option, take the time to show your friends and family that they matter, we all do! Be kind to one another, no one gets out alive but why can’t our time here be happy?


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