What Do Men Want?

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Since my last post “What Women Want” got so much reaction on Linkedin I figured I had better get busy to offer the other side of the coin, “What do men want?” Now when I refer to this I mean, what do they want in a woman and a relationship? Since I am only a mere woman I arrived at these points via my male clients. There are 13 listed here only because I did 13 for Women and wanted to give a fair share of points.

I always tell my clients that you can have your list but great relationships start when you pick the top 5 things that you really need in order to have a happy relationship the rest is just gravy and we don’t always need gravy. 🙂 The bottom line is we all just want someone that we enjoy spending time with and can feel safe and respected with along similar life paths.

1. Attractive: It is always the top of the list no matter what the man’s age. This includes words like, slim, physically fit, sweet and feminine as well as preferably young looking and sexy.(no real surprise here)

2. Great Sex: And Lots of it. Women want sex too but use the word Romance.

3. Supportive: Someone who will be supportive and be flexible, with them, their career and family issues.

4. Honesty: They want to know they can trust your actions and you say what you mean.

5. Kindness: Men are looking for a woman that will be kind to them, their families and friends.

6. Positive Attitude: Just like Women, Men are attracted to Women that are generally happy with themselves and life in general. Again no one likes a grumpy Gus.

7. Confidence: Just like the opposite sex they are attracted to Women that are Confident, that are comfortable in their own skin. Keep in mind Confidence is often confused with Ego. An egotist will brag about how wonderful they are, a confident person just knows it and feels no need to tell you about it.

8. Respect: There is an inherent need to be treated with Respect by Men and Women and so there should be!

9. Appreciative: They all want to be appreciated for who they are. Period.

10. Low Maintenance: Men always say they don’t want high maintenance or high drama women but they are often attracted to them physically. 🙂

11. Family oriented: Especially if they have a desire to have children of their own.

12. Communication: They aren’t into playing games they just want you to talk to them directly and succinctly.

13. Ladylike: Men want women to be the woman (feminine) so they can be the man. Vive la Difference!

The bottom line is our needs and wants are relatively the same, although we perceive them differently and not in the same order. I wish you all the Best on your quest for a great relationship.


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