What Do Good Women Want?

71486_10151316327722261_2137245321_nI am constantly asked by Men “What do Women want?” I have complied the top 13 things  good women  are looking for when considering dating you. Be prepared men, it may shock and surprise you! I say good women to rule out gold diggers that will be gone in a few years anyways.

1. RELATIONSHIP TIMING: They want to know the truth about whether you are looking for something casual or for a committed relationship up front.

2. ATTRACTION: They want to be attracted to you and know you are attracted to them.  It’s basic Biology, they are always attracted to someone they can look up to. Like attracts like and they want  and need to be physically attracted to you as well. The do not want to date or sleep with their father, No matter how young you think you look. Yes, Chemistry is a 2 way street.

3. INTELLIGENCE: There is nothing more exciting to a woman than a man who can actually teach them something.

4. PAY ATTENTION: The best gift you can give a woman when meeting her or on a date is to Pay Attention, turn your cell phone off and talk to her. PS. This also includes listening to her. 🙂

5. GOOD GROOMING: You don’t need to wear a 3 piece suit or designer labels just make an effort to groom yourself appropriately. Wear clean current clothes, clean tidy hair, clean teeth and nails and take a look at your footwear because she will. PS: Keep in mind they want you to look like a man who made an effort but not like you are better groomed or manicured than they are.

6. FAMILY ORIENTED: They want to know you have a good relationship with your family. Good insight into their future.

7. GENUINE: They are learning if they can trust you right away, if you tell little fibs when first getting to know them they expect you will tell big lies before long. (ex. don’t lie about your age, activities, relationship status, etc.)

8. CONFIDENCE: This has long been a turn on for most women, not to be confused with Ego which is a big turn off. Confidence is that true comfort in your own skin without bragging about yourself.

9. RESPECT: They need to know you respect women such as your mother, sisters, the waitress etc. It gives them an insight on how you will treat them.

10. GENTLEMAN: Chivalry is not dead. A man that knows how to treat a lady by opening doors, pulling out her chair etc. is miles ahead of Joe Blow that plows ahead of his date and leaves her stranded struggling to get out of the car with her heels in a mud puddle.

11. COMMUNICATION: Someone that can talk easily and openly and can look them in the eye.

12. ATTITUDE: Everyone is drawn to an OPTIMISTIC ATTITUDE, someone who is happy and someone they can have fun with. Who wants to be around a grumpy Gus?

13. YOUR WORD MEANS SOMETHING: So if you say you are going to call, please do. Otherwise DO NOT say you will! It’s really that simple. Women actually expect you to do what you say. 🙂

The end result is we all truly want is to be happy, starting with ourselves of course. In our dating life and relationships we want to be loved, respected, appreciated, have fun and feel safe emotionally and physically even in an imperfect world. Now Isn’t that what you want? Surprise, we are not so different after all! 🙂


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